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Hello! Thank you for visiting our page. We are so excited that God is bringing our community together!

UPDATE: We have wrapped up our initial 30-day journey of countless prayers, interceding for our patients, families, healthcare workers, and community. BUT WAIT! It’s NOT OVER! We have been blessed to continue covering the beautiful campus here at MHHCC with prayer walks! NO NEED TO SIGN UP... JUST COME! Want some accountability? Have a friend join you for a specific time! This month (more details tomorrow) we will focus on Earth Day while in prayer. We encourage you to continue to be safe but also, we’d LOVE for you to join us in picking up any trash you see! Piece by piece, a difference WILL be made. Thank you for being difference makers and kingdom workers!

Why 30 Days of Prayer?

Throughout the wake of COVID-19, our caregivers and staff have continued to embody the mission statement of Memorial Hospital, “Be For Others.” Their unwavering commitment has been nothing short of humbling. They are truly being the hands and feet of Jesus in this trying season. We have watched our caregivers band together for the common good while epitomizing the definition of selflessness. While the necessary restrictions on visitation have been challenging, the staff has done their utmost to be all-encompassing for their patients' needs, including filling the shoes of absent loved ones.

This is why we need you! It is the prayers of the faithful that keep our community pressing onward. Patients and staff will have their spirits raised from the hope and conviction gifted by the Prayer Walkers. Your prayers and devotion will energize their hope for recovery and brighter days to come.

Hence the Prayer Walker call for 30 Days of Prayer.

How you can help

This Prayer Walk is about breaking the strongholds of fear, exhaustion, anxiety, and illness that has unapologetically infiltrated itself within our community through the pandemic. It is our MISSION, to BE FOR OTHERS. Prayer Walkers will spread the faith and healing that our entire community needs so much right now. Let us pray.

Calling all Prayer Walkers

We are calling on everyone!  Healthcare workers, church members, small groups of 2-4, stay-at-home moms, those who have survived COVID-19, and anyone else willing to walk in faith. We are asking you to give back in prayer and thanksgiving.

About Prayer

What is Prayer: Prayer is a privilege and the vehicle that ushers in the presence and power of God.

Why We Pray: Prayer connects us with the life-saving, life-changing, life-giving power of God the Father through his Son and Holy Spirit.

How we Pray: There is no one right way to pray as prayer is a personal exchange—a love language—between you and God. You can pray aloud, silently, in song, through scripture, privately, and/or corporately. 

Why we pray may be the same, but how we pray is unique to every believer. Our hope is that with this walk we can collectively usher in the power of God—with our individual prayers of gratitude, healing, strength, and wisdom—over a place and people that are so very deserving.

Pray with expectation

Mark 11:23, KJV: “For verily I say until you, That whosoever shall say unto this mountain, Be thou removed, and be thou cast into the sea; and shall not doubt in his heart, but shall believe that those things which he saith shall come to pass; he shall have whatsoever he saith.”

The story behind 30 Days of Prayer Walker...
By Stacy Lynn

Why Prayer Walkers? I’ve been in healthcare for 12 years and recently returned “home” to Post-Surgical. Thanks to my parents, especially my mom who also chose Post-Surg to be her “home," prayer has always been at the center of how you care for your patients. 

During the COVID-19 pandemic, prayer has been the obvious essential for both caregivers and patients alike. While the staff here at MHHCC has most definitely epitomized what it means to be the hands and feet of Jesus, my heart had been burdened for both my co-workers and our patients. Let’s face it, neither side of the spectrum is easy right now. Being a patient can be trying as visitation has been limited, and being a caregiver has shown its challenges, to say the least. We ache for our patients to see our caring smiles or expressions beneath our masks… and beyond. 

I’ve witnessed God’s heart be moved by the simple act of obedient prayer, and I expect nothing less this time. I believe that by binding together as a community for our patients and caregivers, the Lord will encourage our hearts, lift our spirits, and bring hope for brighter days ahead. I would pray over this day in and day out, and on January 9th, the Lord birthed Prayer Walkers out of an early morning prayer. Through the hearts, minds, and hands of many within Memorial Hospital, as well as some dear friends and family, God’s vision of a community prayer walk has become a reality.

PLEASE JOIN US! BE FOR OTHERS! Be inconvenienced by time and weather, but please be there as I KNOW that God will show up by our faithful obedience to prayer. As believers, we are called to lift one another up! 
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