Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1. Where do I park?

Please park in the St. Joe's or Armory/Jay-C Park lots, if you are able. If parking on the hospital campus, use 9th Street parking closest to the heli-pad. 

2. What if there is bad weather?

During inclement weather, feel free to pray while remaining in your vehicle. If a weather alert advises you to remain home, then please stay safe and pray from inside your home. If able, please be faithful and fulfill your commitment.

3. What do I pray?

While prayer is nothing more than talking to God as you would speak to your closest friend, there are many ways to pray. Some pray Scripture. Feel free to do so. If Catholic, feel free to pray the Rosary. This is a community-wide event. What matters is your obedient heart and the prayers of the faithful.

Suggested Scriptures include:

  • Ephesians 6:10-14
  • Second Corinthians 10 (for breaking strongholds)
  • Mark 11:23

4. Must I wear a mask?

Yes. Memorial Hospital mandates that masks be worn while visiting the campus, both inside and outside.

5. How many people may walk at a time?

Each 30-minute allows for 1-4 people.

6. Is there social media? Do you encourage social media?

Yes! Please share your experience and photos on our Facebook and Instagram pages. Links can be found at the top and bottom of each website page.

7. Has this ended?

NO! Our initial 30-day event has ended but we are continuing the Prayer Walk through April! 

8. What is the path? Where do I walk?

Please find the path map and directions at

9. Can I walk more than one time and date?


10. Who can walk?

The entire community!  Healthcare workers, church members, individuals or small groups of 2-4, stay-at-home moms, as well as those who have survived the affliction of COVID-19 and want to give back through prayer and thanksgiving.

11. May I take photos?

Yes! If you or your group would like to take photos to help spread awareness and encourage patients and staff, that is completely acceptable. Consider posting your photos to our social media pages.

12. How do I make a cash donation?

We are not currently accepting cash donations. The people who created Prayer Walker are gladly covering the expenses. However, you can donate your time by walking or aiding us by creating and refreshing the sidewalk chalk art.

13. How may I help this cause or spread awareness?

Please register for a Prayer Walker time slot, if able. Flyers will be distributed throughout the community. Please share this information, our website, and our social media.

We will also need aid with refreshing the sidewalk chalk marking the path. We encourage youth and families to participate with sidewalk chalk. The chalk will be provided by Prayer Walker. If interested, please email us at or send a message to our social media.

14. How can I contact you?

You may email us at or send a message to our social media.

15. What is your email?

Our email is

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